Vernon & District Metis Association

N& has donated monies towards our health initiative programs and the costs of internet to promote cultural, and health initiative programs.

Elephant Storage has donated a storage locker that is used to store our sports equipment and camping gear.

Thank you to our sponsors and to the companies that help us with donations, gifts and fundraising opportunities. 

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) is recognized by the provincial and federal governments and the Métis National Council as the official governing organization in the province of British Columbia, representing more nearly 13,000 provincially registered Métis citizens and a majority population of nearly 70,000 self-identified Métis people.  MNBC politically supports initiatives of its Chartered Community’s where those initiatives support the objectives and strategies of the MNBC.


Who We Are

We are Metis!!! We are hard working individuals who take great pride in everything that we as a nation have made it through in the last 100 years. We are proud that our nation stands strong across Canada. We are Volunteers how want to give back to our communities and metis peoples




  1. Pick a day or event        you would like to help out with

  2. Contact the Association

    Send us an email, phone us or contact President Vince Van Wieringen

  3. Feel Accomplished        Feel excellent about helping your nation and local communties

Our Mission


Our Board of Directors and community members work very hard on preserving the Metis culture, Language and Heritage. It is Our mission to make sure that our Metis within the community are able to learn about culture, language, heritage and have access to cultural events and access to information.