Youth Committee

The VDMA has a youth committee that consists of an elected Representative (To be determined) and the elected Co-Representative (To be determined). Presently, the VDMA has roughly 15-30 active youth that support and participate with their Representative and Co-Representative. The VDMA Board has 2 seats available for the youth committee which allows them to actively participate and vote on all community level decisions. VDMA has an abundance of Metis youth between the ages of 6-30 years of age and it's objective of the youth committee, through program supports such as the CCAY, ParticipACTION and other programs is to increase participation of the VDMA youth. In addition to the VDMA youth committee, it should also be noted the Shaughn Davoren (Thompson/Okanagan Youth Representative on the Metis Youth British Columbia) is a VDMA member/MNBC citizenand also helps with the VDMA youth committtee. Shaughn participates at a majority of the VDMA Youth Committee meetings and our VDMA Youth Representative and Co-Representative provide advice and guidance for Mr. Davoren at the regional level.

Elders Committee

The VDMA Board is presently working with our Elder Representative Don McBeth to secure funding for an elders group. This funding would allow for our elders to get together once a month for a Tea House and also to discuss other initiatives for the committee.

Board of Directors

The VDMA Executive Board would like to thank the following Directors who have graciously volunteered their time to help support the board, committees and community members/citizens. Without their assistance we would not be able to make the great achievements and commitments that we do for the Metis Nation and our Metis community.

Board Members:

                  -Director of Finance
Dale Hedin​-Director 
Anne McBeth- Director of Events
Don McBeth-Elders Representative

                   -Director of Children, Youth and Education

Brittany Schroeder- Youth Representative

to be determined-Co-Youth Representative

Executive Directors

                        -President/ Director of Communications & Public Relations
Randy Spinks – Vice President/Director of Culture & Heritage
Linda Van Wieringen​-Director Secretary/Women’s Group Representative

Vernon & District Metis Association